Children offer their own world of games, ideas, colours and names for events, things and phenomena. Discover the artistic talent of your child and prepare them for a better future and higher education.



The artistic playground is designed for pre-school children (from 4 to 6 years old). Following a free trial class the program is paid for by a monthly membership fee. The monthly membership fee for 4 arrivals is 240 kn. The program is held on the premises of the  School for Art Education, Creativity and Design – Studio Tanay  at Draškovićeva 30, on Monday and Tuesday from 6:15pm to 7:15pm in the period from September 2022 to June 2023.



This year, in addition to attending in person, it is possible to attend certain programs for children and young persons online (via Google meet). We continue to work through tried and tested platforms that are free for our students.

The primary reason for the implementation of the online program is the growing interest among students for this type of education, especially students who do not live in Zagreb or the vicinity of Zagreb.

  • From the first to the fourth grade of primary school classes are held on Wednesdays from 7:00 to 8:00pm, by Anita Mašić, who leads the “Surprise Workshops”

Tuition for the 1st half of 2022/2023: 780.00 HRK for the stated dates of art workshops (13 art workshops) in the class of Anita Mašić.

Payment options: bank payment slip (or post office), internet banking. The sum can be paid in three installments.



The creative workshops are intended for children and young persons in elementary school. The time-frame for the workshops follows the school year, and they are held in in Šubićeva 16 and in the school – Studio Tanay, Draškovićeva 30 in Zagreb. Children attend art programs appropriate to their age and stage of development of personal artistic expression. Furthermore they receive an individualized approach to teaching in small groups (maximum 12 participants). The creative workshops are held on Saturday mornings and last for two school hours.

The schedule for the creative workshops for the first half of the academic year (2022/2023):

Schedule of 13 creative art workshops for the 1st semester (2022/2023):

1. September 17th, 2022
2. September 24th, 2022
3. October 1st, 2022
4. October 8th, 2022
5. October 15th, 2022
6. October 22nd, 2022
7. November 5th, 2022
8. November 12th, 2022
9. November 19th, 2022
10. November 26th, 2022
11. December 3rd, 2022
12. December 10th, 2022
13. December 17th, 2022


Art workshops are not planned for October 29th, 2022. The program continues with a new cycle of art workshops after the winter holidays.

With children – the participants of the creative workshops are taught by teachers  who have graduated from the Academy of Fine Art in pedagogic methodology.


You can enrol in the school office – Studio Tanay, Draškovićeva 30, (second floor).
Working hours: everyday from 16:00 til 18:00, or by appointment.

Price and payment methods:

Enrolment for new participants: 250.00 HRK


1,550.00 HRK for the creative workshop
Art materials are included in the price of the program.
Payment methods: bank payment slip (or post-office), and internet banking. The sum can be paid in three installments.