School for art education, creativity and design Studio Tanay

School for art education, creativity and design Studio Tanay is a public institution with approved programmes for lifelong education in drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic art and design. During its many years it has gained repute in child art education through numerous courses and exhibitions of art in Croatia and abroad. Studio Tanay was established in 1988 and started off with only seven students. Today, 150 children attend the Studio Tanay courses. “Our students are not only the especially gifted kids but also those with a developed interest in art – children who love to express themselves in colour, volume and surface, who like constructing and exhibiting in space”, says Emil Robert Tanay, art coordinator of Studio Tanay.

Ministry of Science, Education and Sports has verified Studio Tanay School’s programmes for further education of adults holding secondary school degrees with vocational training for creative painter, creative sculptor and creative designer. The School also performs special programmes for developing creative potentials of children and young people.

In 2006. / 2007. Studio Tanay School initiated project Let’s Create Together which involved children patients of Hospital for neurological and motility disorders Goljak into the creative workshops. This program is still ongoing.

Since 2007. Studio Tanay continually organises free workshops Art Atelier for Senior Citizens in Nursing home Medvešćak and on the Studio Tanay School premises.


Studio Tanay School has also organized several symposiums with multidisciplinary topics: “Happy children can be recognised by their drawings – visual language in prevention and trauma therapy” (Stari Grad, July 2010.), “Happy child – children’s motivation and development through arts” (Zagreb, October 2011.), “Happy child – integration and learning through creative game” (Zagreb, October 2012.) and “Happy children – child in the variety of challenges” (Zagreb, October 2013.), “Happy Children – Structure of children’s development drawing” (Zagreb, October 2014.). Those symposiums were organised in cooperation with Agency for upbringing and education and The City of Zagreb’s Municipal Office for Social Matters and under the patronage of Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. Those programmes are intended for kindergarten educators and teachers at institutions for nursing, education and rehabilitation.


Ljiljana Zaninović Tanay – President of the Governing Council of the School of Fine Arts Creativity and Design – Tanay Studio

Liljana Zaninović Tanay was born on 17 October 1956 in Zagreb, Croatia.
She graduated from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology in Zagreb and from postgraduate studies in international marketing at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb. She started her career as a teacher at the Trade School in Zagreb and during that period she was a member of the Trade and Commercial Schools Programme Development Board. From 1982 to 1990 she was assistant principal in the Trade School. She has written numerous professional articles and handbooks in the field of goods technology and market research. In 1988 she and her husband started Studio Tanay, an education and publishing company (specialized in art education), which has gained a high reputation in art education through its numerous workshops and exhibitions at home and abroad. She has also written a textbook for students of the Trade School and the Commercial School.


Emil Robert Tanay – Director of the School of Fine Arts Creativity and Design – Tanay Studio, professor MA

Emil Robert Tanay was born on March 7, 1944 in Zagreb. He graduated from the Department of Painting, Zagreb Academy of Fine arts, in 1967. From 1967 to 1972 Tanay collaborated in the Master’s workshop of professor Krsto Hegedušic. He specialized mural painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 1974. Till 1982, he worked as a Professor at Zagreb School of Applied Arts. Since 1982, Tanay has been the superior advisor for the Croatian National Institute for Education.

In 1988 he became an assistant professor at the Department of Art Education, Zagreb Academy of Fine Arts, where he worked from 1993 till 2014 as a full professor of visual arts education methodology. He was the Head of the Department  of theoretical subjects, professor of methodics of teaching fine art, visual arts and design and Lecturer – professor of masters study. He was the coordinator of the team in charge of creating a Croatian National Art Education Standards. He was appointed coordinator of a team of experts. Since 2016. he is Professor Emeritus at University of Zagreb, Croatia.


Emil Robert Tanay exhibited his work in numerous one-person and group events at home and abroad. He is the recipient of the first Prize for painting at the 5th Biennale of Young Artists in Rijeka in 1971. In 1974, he received an award for painting at the 7th Salon of Young Artists in Zagreb. Besides painting, he is actively involved in research in the field of art education methodology and works with talented children.

R. Tanay is member of Croatian Association of Visual Artists. Professor Tanay is the president of the Association of Croatian Teachers and he was the vice-president of the International Society for Education through Art (InSEA)

In 1999 he was awarded the Order of  Danica Hrvatska with the mark of Marko Marulić for special contributions to the field of culture In 2001 he recieved the Edwin Ziegfeld Award For Distinguished International Ledership in Art Education, United States Society for Education through Art (USSEA).