From this fall (October 2020) it is possible to attend all programs by Professor Daniela Pal Bucan online (via the ‘Go to meeting’ platform or Skype). This type of workshop is intended for participants who for some reason are not able to physically attend classes at Studio Tanay. According to the desire of students, classes can be held individually or in a group with several students. For all inquiries regarding the programs offered, it is necessary to contact Studio Tanay or Professor Pal Bučan directly. The programs include: Preparations for art faculties, Drawing and painting courses and Abstract painting (Abstraction 1 and Abstraction 2).

The school of arts, creativity and design – Studio Tanay is verified by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports for professional training programs following the completion of secondary education. The programs on offer are as follows:

  • Creative draftsman,
  • Creative painter,
  • Creative sculptor,
  • Creative ceramicist

These programs can be registered in the Croatian ‘work book’.

Students are first required to complete the Creative draftsman program, which is 120 hours over one school year. After a successful assessment and once the student has obtained the certificate of competence, participants have the opportunity to enroll the following year on a second 120 hour program for creative painters, sculptors, ceramicists or designers.


Enrollment is conducted on the premises of the school – Studio Tanay, Draškovićeva 30, Zagreb

Opening hours: from 16:00 to 18:00, including Saturday, or by appointment.
Enrollments begin on September 1st, 2020.

Price and payment:The price of these programs is 6,650.00 HRK (6,400.00 HRK and 250,00 HRK enrollment) for 120 hours of instruction during the school year 2020/ 2021.
Classes are held once a week for three hours.
Art supplies are not included in the program price.
The examination and skills test at the end of the program: 400,00HRK.
Payment can be cash, cheque, bank transfer or money transfer.


The program includes a wide and diverse offer of art exercises for the development of creative art thinking: abstract painting in different techniques (acrylic, brush, roller, spatula, printing, etc.), painting according to a given template and painting according to observation. The approach includes different methods of artistic interpretation (getting to know different design systems, translation from one art system to another, personal interpretation, etc.). All participants of this program have the opportunity to get acquainted with FRACTAL DRAWING, a special art technique designed to develop the full potential of human creativity, as well as the development of psychophysical abilities (motor skills, psychological balance, spiritual growth). It is a very interesting method by which we can clearly read our inner state, and with the help of colour and drawing correct any irregularities and return our own psychophysical system to balance and harmony.


The workshop is intended exclusively for participants who have completed the Abstract 1 workshop with Studio Tanay. The workshop lasts 45 hours – with a three-hour class every other week (15 x 3). The basic principles of abstract painting expression will be elaborated upon in more detail through the workshops. Attention will be paid to more complex compositions, more diverse textures and different technical or technological procedures in painting. While the first workshop was based on an experimental approach, this workshop will be more dedicated to study. This means that each participant will be given the opportunity to – according to their personal preferences – deepen their selected motifs, both in terms of performance and content. In other words, the basic principles of the abstract approach will be enriched with new material, new knowledge, but at the same time each student will keep an individual approach.

The price of the abstract painting program for 45 hours is 2,650.00 HRK (2,400.00 HRK + 250.00 HRK membership fee for 2020/2021), which includes 15 art workshops lasting 3 hours each, held twice a month. The program begins in October 2020 and ends in March 2021. An additional fractal-drawing program is free.

You can find out more information about the program at the open days of the school in September 2020 and meet the course instructor, academic painter Daniela Pal Bučan.


The program consists of simple and complex art tasks with surfaces of pure colours in different visual textures. The goal of these tasks is to directly observe and experience nature through landscapes and interiors. Access to participants is individualized. The tasks of the program are adapted to both students with prior knowledge and beginners.

The program starts in October 2020. The price of this program for 45 hours is 2,650.00 HRK (2,400.00 HRK + 250.00 HRK registration fee). This program includes 15 art workshops lasting 3 hours each, and is held twice a month. The program begins in October 2020 and ends in March 2021.

You can find out the detailed plan and program by sending an e-mail to: studio-tanay@studio-tanay

You can find out more about the program at the open days of the school on the 10th and 17th September 2020, and meet the course instructor, academic painter Emil Robert Tanay.

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Individual lessons are negotiated during the school year.
The price for one hour varies from 120,00kn to 180,00kn for an individual hour, depending on the contents of the program.


Information, registration and payment:

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