Old town Pharos, – island of Hvar – 1. july 2013. – 7. july 2013.

Old town Pharos, which was founded in 385 BC by inhabitants of Greek island of Paros, has been growing from the time of Roman Empire and specially from the late Middle Age.
The archaeological excavations have been performed for years in Stari Grad. Excavations exposed many parts of ceramics and mosaics from the time of the early Illiryan settlements, then partly belonging to the Greek and Hellenic culture, and from the old Rome to the Old and early Middle Age. In the time of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque, many churches and palaces were built, which are treasuring a lot of paintings and sculptures. That was the time of erection of city centres of exceptional shapes and beauty.
“This is not a classroom in its literal meaning, the field of education is the whole town with its multi-layered civilisation and culture.”


Creative sunshade art workshop – Island of Hvar 1. 7. – 7. 7. 2013.

Studio Tanay Art School,
Branch office Stari Grad
Additional information available:
phone/fax: +385 1 48 73 456
mobile: 091 333 4 333, 091 444 2 444.

Course is performed in:
Old towns islandof Hvarotok Hvar
Gallery of Saint Jerolim

– elementary school children, age: 8 to 15.

Program aims:
– encouraging and developing of perception, thinking and expression,
– discovering of estetic sensibility in the context of ethnic and culturally artistic ambient of Hvar.

The content of seven day course:
– art workshop,
– lectures about art history of Croatia and about monuments of Greek and Roman civilisation on the island of Hvar,
– sport activities,
– entertainment and games in the afternoon and evening hours.

The exhibition:
After fullfilment of the course the selected works of the participants are exhibited in the Gallery of St. Jerolim, which is restaurated Renaissance church.

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The price of the course:

application: 200,00 HRK,
art workshop, fashion design workshop: 550,00 HRK.
Informations, applications and payments:
Studio Tanay, Draškovićeva 30, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia
Phone/fax: +385 1 48 73 456
Mobile: 091 333 4 333, 091 444 2 444
E-mail: Studio Tanay

The price of accommodation:

six full boards at Hoteli Helios (Hotel Arkada): 1550,00 HRK.
The amount is payable in three instalments (the last one before departure).
Geneza hotel d.o.o., Stari Grad
Bank account: RBA 2484008-1500184596
Phone/fax: +385 21 765 128, +385 21 765 866