The program is focused on comic illustration / animation, stylised drawing style (cartoon style). Students will learn a number of differrent stages of cartoon production through the workshop. From basic exercises such as drawing figures in movement (rough sketches, stickmen), to drawing subjects and designing compositions through observation.

After mastering these exercises, students will invent their own characters, scenography and props; everything that they need to be able to independently create a story and the frames for their own comic or picture book.


As part of the workshop we will explore the possibilities of drawing and painting techniques and master technical tasks, visual language and creative thinking. Examples from the history of art, comics and film will help us achieve this. We will find inspiration from everyday life, nature, science, literature and diverse cultures…

The tasks are conceived in a way so that the course is accessible to both beginners and those with a prior knowledge of illustration or comic design.

The program is devised and led by academic graphic artist Ružica Dobranić.























The course is held everyday from Monday to Friday from 10am to 12pm. The workshops are intended for children and teenagers from 10 to 16 years of age.

Price and payment methods:
500.00 HRK for the specified period of art workshops (10 hours of art workshops).

Payment methods: Bank slip (post), internet banking

Dates: Every day from 23rd of August 2021 to the 27th August 2021.

Apply by phone:  091 333 4333, Anita Mašić

Or by e-mail: