The seven-day summer workshops with painting, drawing and modelling are an opportunity for the talents and creativity of children and young persons to grow and develop. The program is intended for children and young persons aged from 10 to 18. Parents and friends are welcome.

pleasant atmosphere and good quality food and accommodation guarantee an unforgettable stay. All-day educational supervision and care are provided.

Stari Grad – The Island of Hvar– 3rd July 2015 – 9th July 2015

«This isn’t learning in the classical sense of the word, rather it is a space for sharing the entire city with its multilayered civilisation and culture.»


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3/7 – 9/7/2015

Organiser: Academy for art education, creativity and design – Studio Tanay, Stari Grad branch.

For information, available everyday:

Tel (01) 48 73 456

Mobile: 091 333 4 333



Goals of the program:

  • encouraging and developing personal skills of observation, expression and opinion.
  • teaching aesthetic sensitivity within the context of the ethnic, cultural and artistic wealth of the island.

Contents of the seven-day course: All-day educational supervision and care are provided.

A seven-day summer workshop with drawing, painting, modelling and art history under the expert guidance of professors who have completed their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Exhibition: After finishing the course an exhibition of the works by the students will be held in the Saint Hieronymus gallery, a restored renaissance church that is now an art gallery.

Price for application and workshops:

Application: 250,00 kn,
Creative workshops: 600,00 kn.
Information, applications and payments:

Academy for art education, creativity and design – Studio Tanay,

Draškovićeva 30, 10000 Zagreb,

OIB: 922984272795
žiro račun: HR 23400091110093879


Price of accommodation:

Accommodation for 6 nights full board at The Helios Hotels (Hotel Arkada): 1550,00 kn.

Tallin hotel d.o.o., Stari Grad, žiro račun: RBA 2484008-1500184596

Participation for transport from Zagreb to Stari Grad and back. The fee can be paid in three instalments, of which the last must be made before departure for the Creative Parasol Summer Workshops.