Preparation for entrance exams at faculties of arts and art colleges (drawing programs). 2023/2024

Preparation for the entrance exams for art colleges (drawing programs). Preparing for the state Matura (art) school year 2023/2024. The school of arts, creativity and design – Studio Tanay is a public institution for continuous education and culture with verified programs for teaching in the field of painting, sculpting, graphic and ceramic design. With over twenty years of experience, and numerous established workshops and developed exhibitions, Studio Tanay has achieved a prominent position in the field of art education both in Croatia and abroad. The school has achieved top results in art pedagogy with a high rate of student success. The college runs programs to prepare for enrollment in those colleges where practical testing is required. Preparations for college enrollment are individualized and held in small groups.

 For all inquiries regarding the  programs on offer, it is necessary to contact Studio Tanay or Daniela Pal Bučan  via e-mail:

  • Academy of Fine Arts
  • Faculty of Textile Technology – Textile and Fashion Design
  • Faculty of Graphic Arts – Design of graphic products
  • and other art faculties

Preparations include the following contents: drawing, form, elements of form, composition, perspective, drawing portraits, drawing nudes, drawing sketches.


  1. PREPARATORY PROGRAMS FOR ENROLLMENT AT OTHER FACULTIES:Faculty of Architecturestudy of architecture and urbanismFaculty of AgricultureLandscape architecture

 Preparations include the following contents: spatial linear drawing by observation, round and angular bodies, compositions and configurations of bodies in space, orthogonal projections, axonometry, rules of perspective in drawing, plastic design, creative task solutions, product design, landscape solutions, etc. and general culture and the perception of space (special tests).

Information, registration and payment:

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