From April 15th till April 18th 2014, the School of arts, creativity and design – Studio Tanay organizes free courses on art culture at power point presentation every day from 7 pm till 9pm in Small studio in Draškovićeva 30.


April 15th 2014 Munich as an art center

  • The art movements in Munich from the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • Munich circle – Croatian artists in Munich (Becić, Kraljević and the Račić and their impact )
  • Der Blaue Reiter – expressionism and abstraction (Kandinsky as a leader and theoretician)



April 16th 2014 – Bauhaus

  • Founders and their philosophy
  • Activities: architecture, design, art theory
  • Impacts



April 17th 2014 Croatian art after World War 2

  • Šutej – contribution and place in the context of world art
  • Bakić – Croatian cultural heritage and contribution
  • April 18th 2014 – Contemporary Croatian Architecture
  • recent works of Croatian architecture – keeping up with global trends, the importance of the global context of the tradition of Croatian modern.


Lectures are useful for gaining general culture and the basis in the field of arts. It is useful for the preparation for the state Matura or entrance exam to the universities which test the contents of arts. Using the power point presentation the lectures on art will be held by professor of arts Ms Juliana Kučan.


Entries and subscriptions will be received on phone 091 333 4333 or e-mail: studio